The Virgin Way - Richard Branson

This will be a great gift extra for someone who has an entrepreneurial mind, so why not inspire them whilst up in the air with a Virgin Balloon Flight, then when they’re back on the ground with The Virgin Way!

Over the years, Sir Richard Branson has become one of the most successful, well-known entrepreneurs in the world. But how did he do it?! In his latest book, The Virgin Way: How to Listen, Learn, Laugh and Lead, Richard shares the qualities and skills that he feels make the best leaders.

Using anecdotes and referring to other famous leaders, such as other entrepreneurs and influential politicians, Richard reflects on what it is that can make someone a strong leader. After 40 years of business leadership, it’s safe to say that Richard has learnt a great deal along the way, so whoever you are, if you want to be the best lead you can be, this book is an essential read.