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To find your ideal launch site please select from any of the three options below or use the launch site map on the right of this page.

You can choose between displaying launch sites within a region (the same regions as our regional vouchers), displaying launch sites within a particular county or displaying the full details for an individual launch site.

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what are backup sites?

Almost all of our launch sites have backup sites associated with them, these are used when the launch site the flight was scheduled for cannot be used.

Reasons for moving a flight to a backup site can vary from the wind being in the wrong direction (meaning the balloon would fly directly into an airport's airspace or out over the sea) to the balloon arriving at the launch site to find a 3 ring circus has taken the space (yes that really has happened in the past). In these cases if there were no backup sites then the flights would have been cancelled.

In effect our use of backup sites increase the chances of your flight going ahead, where possible the backup site will be within 20 miles of the original site and moving a flight to a backup site is not a decision which our pilots take lightly.

We recommend that you take details of the launchsite that you are scheduled to fly from and any associated backup sites since your flight could be moved for the reasons stated above.