national sunset gift package for one (weekany)

Our national sunset gift package for one (weekany) voucher allows you to fly from any of our 100+ launch sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

you can look forward to:

Please be aware that our helium balloons stay inflated for approximately 10-14 days. Therefore, If your package is a gift and you want to ensure that your balloon is still inflated when the recipient receives the package, please get in touch and we will delay the dispatch of your order.

important things to know

We generally schedule flights six to eight weeks in advance other than in October when we begin scheduling for the following March. If you have a specific location and date in mind, you can contact us to check availability before purchasing. Ballooning is weather dependent. If your flight is cancelled you simply need to re-book and if you have a cancellation near the end of your validity period we will extend it if necessary so you have another chance to fly. Unless otherwise stated vouchers are non-refundable.

who can fly?

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